Supreme Glass Shower Panels

Supreme Glass Shower Panels offer a luxurious appearance, whilst also providing practical support and ease of entry to the shower, fitted on either a wetroom floor or showertray.

The 8mm safety glass panels are:

  • 2 metres high
  • Available in 5 widths
  • Available in 3 glass finishes.

Supreme screns are supported by a polished aluminium column, which can be ceiling fixed, or wall braced, which offers the option of hanging a shower curtain to provide further screening. The column is secured to the floor with an innovative new fitting that requires no screws and can also be easily removed.

  • Easy Clean safety glass
  • Rigid strong support
  • 8mm glass with Aqua-Shield easy clean finish
  • Available in 3 glass finishes; Clear, Satin and Modesty
  • Coving Profile available for installation on Vinyl
  • Tiger Fix: No drilling into tray or floor required

User Benefits

Easy to Grip Pole
Strong, rigid design for user support.
Secure pole acts as additional support and offers
assurance when entering the shower area

EASY to Clean
Designed with clean wipe down surfaces Internal glass seals

Protects from limescale

Modern Design
2000mm high semi frameless design available in 3 glass finishes

Toughened 8mm safety glass


Please note: For areas where a coved vinyl floor has been installed you will need to order a coving extension profile Code: ICEP2000.

Coving -profile


Installer Benefits

  • Pre-drilled wall profile
  • Push in Glass profile with 20mm
  • adjustment
  • Coving extension profile available
  • Innovative Tiger Fix, no drilling
  • required to secure pole to floor
  • Can be fitted to either tray or
  • Wetroom floor
  • All fixings and seals provided
  • Fully detailed instructions supplied
  • Prompt delivery

Specifier Benefits

  • Available in 5 widths
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • CE compliant to BS EN 12150
  • Available in Clear, Satin & Modesty
  • finishes
  • Coving extension profile available for
  • Vinyl floors
  • No breaching of the floor required to
  • fix the pole, protects against water
  • ingression
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Bespoke service available

Sizes and specifications


Wall braced with plain glass
Size: 700mm wide Code: ISSW70CUC
Size: 800mm wide Code: ISSW80CUC
Size: 900mm wide Code: ISSW90CUC
Size: 1000mm wide Code: ISSW10CUC
Size: 1200mm wide Code: ISSW12CUC

Shower curtains
Size: 1200mm wide Code: ISC12
Size: 1500mm wide Code: ISC15
Size: 1800mm wide Code: ISC18

Floor to ceiling with plain glass

Size: 700mm wide Code: ISS70CUC
Size: 800mm wide Code: ISS80CUC
Size: 900mm wide Code: ISS90CUC
Size: 1000mm wide Code: ISS10CUC
Size: 1200mm wide Code: ISS12CUC

Floor to ceiling with satin glass

Size: 700mm wide Code: ISS70SUC
Size: 800mm wide Code: ISS80SUC
Size: 900mm wide Code: ISS90SUC
Size: 1000mm wide Code: ISS10SUC
Size: 1200mm wide Code: ISS12SUC

Floor to ceiling with modesty panel glass

Size: 700mm wide Code: ISS70SM1C
Size: 800mm wide Code: ISS80SM1C
Size: 900mm wide Code: ISS90SM1C
Size: 1000mm wide Code: ISS10SM1C
Size: 1200mm wide Code: ISS12SM1C

Please note: For areas where a coved vinyl floor has been installed you will need to order a coving extension profile Code: ICEP2000

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