Slimfold Horseshoe Shower Seat

Product Overview

The Horseshoe version of the Slimfold seat addresses issues for personal intimate cleaning where standard seats restrict access.

People with the need for adaptive care will find the current offerings available; heavy, intrusive when stored and hard to clean, the Slimfold Horseshoe design eliminates these issues and more with clever thought, research and design.

Incorporating covered fixings, hidden hinges and with the unique way the seat folds and stows, the Slimfold is easy to clean and reduces areas where bacteria can build up that could lead to infection.

The seat neatly sits a mere 114mm compared to 200mm plus for standard offerings off the wall when stowed, with no protruding edges to catch the user and eliminating the risk of falling down and causing injury

User Benefits

The Slimfold Horseshoe provides comfort, strength and assurance designed specifically for users who require support and extra assistance of bathing for areas of the body which are harder to reach

  • Personal cleaning with ease: Horseshoe access, provides easy cleaning to intimate areas of the body
  • Strong fold down arms with rounded edges, provide assurance moving in and out of the seat and during side transition
  • Natural padding: the Slimfold seat area traps air between the 2 water tight surfaces with no nooks and crannies for bacteria to accumulate, can be cleaned easily and simply.
  • No standard padded cushions which are hard to clean, trap dirt and perish after prolonged use
  • Neatly stows away: Folds upwards, flat against the shower area wall providing a clean minimalist look, with no pultruding legs and hinges, sitting 111mm off the wall for the seat and 55mm for the bench
  • Safe and secure: Unique folding mechanism prevents the seat from accidently dropping down.
  • Strong and long lasting: High grade corrosion resistant Stainless steel legs that fold away flat to the wall, distribute load evenly, easy to clean and very strong, providing enough strength to withstand weight of up to 300kg.
  • No more rust and legs filling with water as per conventional chairs

Technical Details



  • White Stone
  • Sky Blue
  • Grey



  • SFHS250WWS - White Stone
  • SFHS250WSB - Sky Blue
  • SFHS250WGY - Grey



SlimFold Horseshoe Seats

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