Radiate Bath Replacement Shower Tray

Product Overview

Radiate instantly solves the problem of fitting bath replacement showers on unbreachable floors. Specifically designed for use with a pumped waste, Radiate is quick and easy to install with a choice of pipe outlets at any side of the tray perimeter and can be fitted with any of our market leading folding and sliding door sets.

Radiate. The complete shower solution for unbreachable floors.

Available in 14 sizes
Designed to the most commonly specified shower tray sizes

Wheelchair friendly
Only 40mm with compatible ramps

Satin slip resistant finish - DIN 'B'
Slip resistance certified in wet barefoot areas

Tile upstand included
Guarantees a leak free seal to wall tiling

Advanced drainage design
Silent operation and easy to clean

Compatible with Whale waste pumps
Suited perfectly to enable pumped drainge

Multiple waste outlet locations
Exit pipework from any side of the tray

Lifetime Guarantee
As standard across all Impey wetroom trays


At 40mm high, and with optional ramps, it is low enough to offer easy access to those with limited mobility into the showering area. The shower tray features a market leading unique water channeling tread pattern which has a reduced satin finish anti-shine surface for superior grip whilst in use in full wet conditions.

Classified to DIN class 'B' on slip resistance*, the Radiate sets a new level of care and design. Radiate has been specifically designed for situations when gravity drainage is not possible.

The pumped waste fitting (included with shower tray), concealed perfectly within the underside of the shower tray, ensures that any water draining to the gully is quickly and efficiently fed to the shower waste pump. Ideal for multi-storey developments and fully compatible with pumped waste options including Impey and Whale SWP, Instant Match and Smoothflow waste pumps.


Compatible door options for wetrooms and shower trays

To view all compatible door options please download our pdf guide.



*Independently tested in wet showering conditions by Satra. DIN 51097:1992 Determination of antislip properties; wet loaded barefoot areas; walking method; ramp test

Technical Details

Shower tray sizes available

Available in 14 sizes:

RDT9090/P 900 x 900
RDT100100/P 1000 x 1000
RDT12070/P 1200 x 700
RDT12080/P 1200 x 800
RDT12090/P 1200 x 900
RDT13070/P 1300 x 700
RDT13080/P 1300 x 800
RDT14070/P 1400 x 700
RDT14080/P 1400 x 800
RDT14090/P 1400 x 900
RDT15070/P 1500 x 700
RDT15080/P 1500 x 800
RDT17070/P 1700 x 700
RDT17080/P 1700 x 800


Radiate shower tray technical data sheet

PdfDownload the Radiate Technical data sheet




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