Mira Advance Flex Extra and Whale Instant Match Pump Kit

Product Overview

The easier to install solution to provide quieter pumped drainage

This new kit provides the added advantage of wireless control from the
shower to the pump, which reduces installation time and the need for
additional wiring.

  1. The internal flow sensor in the Mira Advance shower measures the flow rate going to the shower head.
  2. This flow rate information is sent wirelessly to the Instant match transformer. Maximum 5m range for wireless signal.
  3. The Instant match transformer alters the speed of the pump to match the shower flow rate.
  4. Matching the pump speed to the shower flow rate ensures that gully suction noise is minimised.

The shower and pump are also available separately.

Shower only Code: MIRAFLEXEXTRA 9.0/WLESS
Pump only Code: SWP/IMM

Installation Guide Video


Technical Details

Technical Specification (Shower)

  • Separate flow and temperature controls with push button start/stop and audible bleeps
  • Large, colour contrasting rotary controls with raised areas to aid navigation
  • LED backlit flow and on/off buttons and audible click on temperature lever
  • Thermostatic temperature control for added safety
  • Colour contrasting panel to aid navigation
  • Adjustable maximum temperature setting for added safety
  • Phased shutdown reduces limescale and ensures a cool start for added safety for the next user
  • 4 spray pattern showerhead with rub clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning
  • Extended riser rail (1m) with wall or corner mounting options and easy one-handed adjustment of the height of the shower head
  • Best in class limescale resistance

Technical Specification (Pump)
The Instant Match transformer includes patented Active Link diagnostics:

  • Test Button power indicator
  • Flashing Active Link signal shows communications between the Mira
  • shower and the Whale pump
    - Slow flash (Correct communication)
    - Fast flash (Water flowing)

    Shower and Pump Approvals
  • Complies with European standards for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and LVD (Low Voltage Directive)
  • IP45 rated against moisture and
    particle ingress

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