Level-Grade Wetroom Floor Former

Product Overview

Level-Grade provides a quick and easy alternative way of creating the perfect level access wetroom shower floor in new-pour concrete.

A colour-coded matrix provides a controlled working profile with built-in gradient to allow the installer to create the perfect sloping wetroom shower floor. Simply fill the matrix with a concrete screed mix then use a builder's float to smooth over the profile - it's as simple as that! Once the mix has fully dried the top surface can be overlaid with slip-resistant vinyl.

Because very little skill is required to produce the perfect gradient the product is ideal for new build projects where timing is critical and it also reducing the risk of call-backs as Level-Grade produces perfect results every time.

The concrete screed process is shown in the video guide for the Aqua-Grade (Aqua-Grade differs as it requires a different drainage solution, however the first area of installation is identical).

Technical Details

Level-Grade is available in 8 standard sizes (shown below) or we can provide bespoke options if required (please call our technical advisory team on 01460 258682.

Size: 900 x 900mm     Code: LG1
Size: 1050 x 1050mm Code: LG2
Size: 1200 x 900mm   Code: LG3
Size: 1200 x 1200mm Code: LG4
Size: 1350 x 1350mm Code: LG5
Size: 1500 x 1050mm Code: LG6
Size: 1500 x 1500mm Code: LG7
Size: 1800 x 1200mm Code: LG8

Spare components including mounting plates for concrete or insulation boards, spacers, adjustable feet and coloured matrix sections are available separately if required.

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