Impey Waterguard 5m/10m self adhesive tanking kit

Product Overview

Impey Waterguard is the next generation of wetroom
waterproofing systems. It provides a faster and easier method of tanking a leak-free wet floor area.

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• Co-Polymer membrane with a butyl rubber backing creates a
completely watertight barrier
• Polypropylene surface provides a key for the tile adhesive
• Can be used with epoxy grout and solvent based sealers for
stone tiles
• Pre-made corners for faster and easier installation
• Self adhesive and supplied on a roll for easy application
• No curing time to enable faster installation

Self adhesive on one side
Waterguard has a butyl rubber adhesive on one side only and a co-polymer surface on the other. This makes installation much easier as the installer can work on the membrane without getting stuck.

Preformed corners
Sealed, pre-formed internal and external corners reduce the likelihood of leaks. Eliminating the time consuming process of manually creating corners as with Tilesafe.

Superior waterproofing capabilities
Tests have proven that Waterguard provides superior waterproofing capabilities to Tilesafe. The test was conducted with a 150mm head of water over a series of weeks. No leak from Waterguard.

Excellent crack bridging properties
Tests have shown that Waterguard has superior lateral movement (5mm)
absorbtion properties caused by the shifting and drying of floors over time.

Not sensitive to chemicals
Can be used with epoxy grout and solvent based sealers for stone  tiles - unlike Tilesafe. 

Supplied with a butyl sealant
Part of the pack, so no need for the installer to purchase separately. Can also be used to repair small holes in the membrane, if damaged.

Guide lines for easy measurement
Pre-printed grid lines provide an accurate guide when trimming the membrane.

Supplied with 150mm wide jointing tape.
Waterguard cannot be overlapped, so a jointing tape is supplied to create a watertight seal at any joints.

Kits available in 10m & 5m
Options to suit most bathroom sizes.

Waterguard kits contain:
5m square or 10m square (depending on choice) of Impey Waterguard membrane, plus

  • 500ml BAL primer
  • 15m jointing tape
  • 4x internal corners
  • 1x external corners
  • Butyl sealant

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Technical Details

Butyl rubber coated, self-adhesive sealingmembrane including release liner for easy removal. The non-woven allows a good cementation with common tile adhesives or sealants; structure embossing

Material Composition
Substrate: Polypropylene non-woven,
Membrane: Polyethylene water proofing membrane
Coating: Self-adhesive butyl rubber, highly elastic, resistant to ageing

Sealing membrane to be applied with tiles or natural stones for flexible
waterproofing on floors. Suitable for indoor application formedium loads
of non-pressurized water

Physical Properties
Burst pressure max.: Internal (2.3 bar)
Breaking load longitudinal: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (5.6N/15mm)
Breaking load lateral: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (32.2N/15mm)
Extension break longitudinal: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (107.6%)
Extension break lateral: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (316.1%)
Power absorption at 25% elasticity lateral: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (24.6N/mm)
Power absorption at 50% elasticity lateral: DIN EN ISO 527-3 (27.5N/mm)
Peel test on neutral PVC carrier: Internal (>10N/20mm)
Resistance to water pressure: DIN EN 1928 (Version B) (vertical > 1bar
horizontal 0.2bar)

Resistance ToTemperature
Min. -5°C, Max. 60°C

Chemical Properties
Resistance to a wide range of chemical liquids (including epoxy grout)

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008


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