Tiled Floor Gully Shower Trap

Product Overview

The Impey Universal Trap comprises a set of interchangeable components which are combined to make a range of drain products. The range includes both linear and wet floor drains for use in corresponding Impey floor former systems, as well as standalone linear drains for use in a concrete screeded floor.

The term 'Universal Trap' is used in reference to the trap and sump components which are shared across all drain configurations.


All EasyFit® floor formers are supplied as standard with the UTT01/H or UTT01/V tiled floor gully with a horizontal or vertical outlet - a high quality water trap featuring a 50mm water seal and fixed 43mm outlet.

They also come complete with the 'Slot' standard stainless steel grate. Drains are supplied with our standard drainge grate. Please enquire about other new options.


Stainless Steel Grate
Impey wetroom drainage options are the most versatile on the market. The high quality stainless steel grate is 4mm thick and has a contemporary and modern design.

Height Adjustable Rings
The height adjustable rings rotate to vary the height to suit different tile depths. This unique feature means the gully can be used with varying tile depths between 6-26mm depending on waterproof membrane and adhesive thickness

Membrane Clamping Ring
The membrane clamping ring secures the Waterguard tanking membrane into place creating a secure watertight seal at the drainage point.

Choice of wetroom drainage grates
Our new grill designs add a touch of individual style. A combination of contemporary or modern patterns provide choice and the option to add a lustrous, high-end designer look to any wetroom.

New wetroom grate designs available:

Identity: top left
: top lright
Fibre: botttom left
Stamp: bottom right




Technical Details



Vertical and horizontal options available:

Horizontal Code: UTT01/H
Vertical: Code:   UTT01/V


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