Impey Tilesafe Wetroom Tanking Kit

Product Overview

Impey Tilesafe® tanking membrane has been designed to provide an instant heavy-duty watertight barrier to your wetroom - preventing leaks and providing complete peace of mind.

How does it work?
Waterproofing or 'tanking' a wetroom involves applying a waterproof layer to the floor and walls of the shower zone because no matter how well the tiles have been fixed, over time water will always find a way through the tiles/grout which can lead to leaks and costly repairs.

Beware of the load weights on plaster, plasterboard walls when using large format tiles. Impey Tilesafe® is a flexible rubberised self-adhesive membrane sheet that incorporates a tiling mesh that comes on a roll and once applied there is no curing time so it is possible fix the tiles the same day.

Available in 5m and 10m sizes complete with lifetime guarantee

How much will I need?

For complete peace of mind and a guaranteed leak-free wetroom Impey recommend that Impey Tilesafe® is applied over the entire floor of the wetroom.

Impey Tilesafe® should be applied to a minimum height of 75mm where the walls of the room meet the floor. In each kit you will receive: -

  • 5m2 or 10m2 of Impey Tilesafe® tanking membrane
  • Bottle of Tilesafe® primer
  • Reinforcing tape
  • Tube of jointing compound
  • Block of Impey Tilesafe® putty

Note: Because Impey Tilesafe® is a bitumen-based product it is ONLY suitable for use with the Aquamat 100 undertile heating system. Other systems may run at higher temperatures and compromise the integrity of the tanking system.

DO NOT use a ready mix adhesive or epoxy based grout. 

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