Aqua Grade Linear Wetroom Floor Former

Product Overview

Aqua-Grade Linear provides a quick and easy alternative way of creating the perfect gradient for new pour solid floors with a modern linear drain. Colour coded modular sections quickly click together to form a matrix that you simply fill with screed.

Aqua-Grade Linear is available in various configurations specially tailored to suit your space.

Bespoke options are avaiable - please call our technical advisory team on
01460 258 682 to discuss.

Technical Details

Aqua-Grade 400mm Linear drain - Two Falls
Size: 1200mm x 900mm Code: AG40L12090/2F
Size: 1350mm x 1050mm Code: AG40L135105/2F
Size: 1500mm x 1200mm Code: AG40L150120/2F

Aqua-Grade 400mm Linear - Three Falls
Size: 1500mm x 750mm Code: AG40L15075/3F
Size: 1800mm x 900mm Code: AG40L18090/3F

Aqua-Grade 400mm Linear - Four Falls
Size: 1200mm x 900mm Code: AG40L12090/4F
Size: 1500mm x 1200mm Code: AG40L150120/4F


Aqua-Grade 600mm Linear - One Fall
Size: 900mm x 900mm Code: AG60L9090/1F
Size: 1200mm x 900mm Code: AG60L12090/1F
Size: 1350mm x 900mm Code: AG60L13590/1F
Size: 1500mm x 900mm Code: AG60L15090/1F

Aqua-Grade 600mm Linear - Two Falls
Size: 1350mm x 750mm Code: AG60L13575/2F
Size: 1500mm x 900mm Code: AG60L15090/2F
Size: 1650mm x 1050mm Code: AG60L165105/2F

Aqua-Grade 600mm Linear - Three Falls
Size: 1800mm x 750mm Code: AG60L18075/3F

Aqua-Grade 600mm Linear - Four Falls
Size: 1500mm x 900mm Code: AG60L15090/4F
Size: 1800mm x 1200mm Code: AG60L180120/4F


Aqua-Grade 800mm Linear - One Fall
1050mm x 1050mm Code: AG80L105105/1F
1200mm x 1050mm Code: AG80L120105/1F
1350mm x 1050mm Code: AG80L135105/1F
1500mm x 1050mm Code: AG80L150105/1F

Aqua-Grade 800mm Linear - Two Falls
1500mm x 750mm Code: AG80L15075/2F
Aqua-Grade 800mm Linear - Three Falls
1950mm x 750mm Code: AG80L19575/3F

Aqua-Grade 800mm Linear - Four Falls
1650mm x 900mm Code: AG80L16590/4F

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