The History Of Impey - The Wet room Specialist

The vision became reality.

Firmly established as the market-leader in the wetroom sector, Impey continues to lead the field when it comes to wetroom design, drainage technology and waterproofing

Founded by Bruce Grave, we were the original pioneers of the first prefabricated wetroom floor formers and deserved the reputation as the leading innovator of modern wetroom solutions. Our journey began upon the realisation of the need for a dependable and consistent wetroom flooring solution that provided a guaranteed element of drainage on a wetroom floor. At the time there simply wasn’t a reliable wetroom drainage product on the market. Installers would often resort to fashioning a wetroom floor with the available materials in their van, but of course, it was incredibly difficult to create the required 1:40 gradient essential for efficient drainage.

The Future 

Now established as the market leader in the wetroom sector, Impey continues to lead the field when it comes to wetroom technology and waterproofing systems. Our portfolio is packed with impressive features and market-leading installation benefits and has proven to be the ideal choice for installers and specifiers across all sectors from luxury developers and large housebuilders to local authorities and healthcare associations. The elite Impey team continues to innovate and create new product offerings, skilfully securing our position as the UK’s leading wetroom manufacturer; offering a showering solution for every kind of property.

Now part of a wider European group, the UK setup now employs 200+ people across the UK.

Alongside Coram Showers, Impey is a brand of Coram UK


2022 | Allure Drain Top Collection

8 stunning new finishes being introduced to the portfolio across both the linear and the square drain top range; 4 brushed, 4 polished. Gold, Bronze, Anthracite, Black

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2022 | Allure Drain Top Collection
2022 | Square Tiled Insert Drain

2022 | Square Tiled Insert Drain

In addition to the variety of drain top designs currently available for the Aqua-Dec EasyFit, the new Tiled Insert option means complete coordination of the drain top using the same tiles as the rest of the wetroom floor, creating a truly seamless aesthetic. As with every Impey wetroom product, the focus is around ease of installation and ensuring a seamless finish for every tiled wetroom. Designed and engineered to work directly with the award-winning Aqua-Dec EasyFit wetroom floor former, the Design team took the opportunity to refine some existing drainage components.

2020 | Linear Drain Top Designs

The new range of designs and finishes add a touch of individual style to the wetroom. A combination of contemporary and modern patterns provides choice and the option to add a lustrous, high-end designer style to any bathroom. All drain tops are manufactured in the UK and laser cut from the highest quality stainless steel specifically for Impey wetroom floor formers.

2020 | Linear Drain Top Designs
2020 | Virtual Reality introduced

2020 | Virtual Reality introduced

We are extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with cutting-edge design technology brand Virtual Worlds, to offer a revolutionary 4D showering experience. This exciting collaboration with longstanding KBB software innovation brand Virtual Worlds, will allow potential buyers the opportunity to discover, explore and immerse themselves in a full wetroom experience with our award-winning wetroom system. Discover Urban Chic or Luxe Living in Virtual Reality...

2019 | A Year of Awards

Innovative bespoke linear drain design wins the bathroom category at the ‘Architects Journal’ Specification Awards. Designing a new linear drainage solution for the wetrooms at Nine Elms Point was an exciting project. The Impey R&D team engineered an attractive, multifunctional product; taking into consideration the necessity for a striking, contemporary design and ease of on-site installation in over 600 wetrooms. We brought the product in on-budget and Barratt London was very pleased with the results. The Aqua-Dec EasyFit™ wins ‘Best Plumbing / Drainage Product’ at Build-It Awards. The wetroom floor former emerged triumphant after being shortlisted against five other plumbing and drainage solutions. The judges described Impey’s winning entry as ‘a clever solution that will save time and money for self-builders and renovators.’

2019 | A Year of Awards
2014 | Universal Drainage Design

2014 | Universal Drainage Design

Development is finalised of a universal set of drainage components across both standard and linear wetroom floor formers. Investment and continual innovation by the in-house design teams over the last two decades has resulted in a range of high performance and aesthetically pleasing drainage systems with universal components that can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance. All Aqua-Dec floor formers feature an advanced water-sealed overlay to omit any escaping drainage odours and are supplied with a unique easy-cleaning tool to remove any trapped hair, negating the need to clean with harsh chemicals.

2013 | Impey WaterGuard™ is launched

A class-leading tanking membrane, revolutionising the waterproofing process for tilers and bathroom installers. WaterGuard™ is a 1mm thick, flexible waterproofing membrane. The complete wetroom sealing solution - not just for floors but also to walls. When correctly installed across the entirety of a wetroom floor, it provides an impenetrable barrier against leaks, guaranteed for life. WaterGuard™ requires no curing time and can be tiled directly after laying, reducing installation time dramatically compared to other paint-on alternatives. Designed as the complete solution, WaterGuard™ has been created to withstand temperatures of 60°C ensuring it is compatible with underfloor heating, such as Impey Aqua-Mat™.

impey waterguard downview
EasyFit Floor Former

2012 | EasyFit™ changes wetrooms forever

R&D made a ground-breaking advancement, which was to significantly change the way wetrooms are installed. The development and release of our EasyFit™ floor former, incorporating its trademark revolutionary rotating drain plate took the industry by storm. The EasyFit™ can quickly and simply circumvent any unwanted underfloor obstructions, effortlessly able to support up to 300KG (47 stones). Patented EasyFit™ technology negates the need for under-boarding, reducing both installation time and cost and ensuring it is the easiest and most efficient way to create a gradient for effective drainage. It has since become our best selling and most well-known wetroom floor former.

2010 | European Acquisition

Impey became part of prominent European bathroom manufacturing group Coram International. The majority of production was relocated to the company’s UK headquarters in Bridgnorth and significant investment in new technology afforded yet more new opportunities.

Impey Wetroom Show Stand History
Modern Luxury Wetroom developed 2003

2004 | Impey develops the modern luxury wetroom

Our floor formers quickly became recognised as market leading amongst installers and specifiers across the UK, renowned for easy-installation properties and unfailing reliability. Across healthcare and luxury wetroom markets demand soared and Impey’s success did not go unnoticed.

2000 | Rapid growth in level access showering

Originally working specifically within the healthcare sector, the company developed, created and began to produce the first Impey wetroom floor formers by hand. Demand for Impey’s original floor former was unprecedented and the founders were quick to recognise the potential of the revolutionary invention. Full-scale factory production followed quickly and coincided with the early rise in popularity of the luxury wetroom.

Cutting ribbon entrance wetroom