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With over 25 years of complete manufacturing based within the UK, we have been able to adapt and improve our manufacturing techniques and progress our products by doing so. Some of these processes include:

> Manufacturing Level-Dec EasyFit is a semi-automated thermoset compression process. The SMC material is manually fed onto a mold which is heated to approximately 145°C. The mold sits in a hydraulic press which is manually operated to close the tool and apply pressures of up to 800 ton on a floor former. Under both compression and heat the material liquefies and fills the tool cavity before re-solidifying and hardening. The floor former is then lifted off by two team members, in unison, and checked. It then undergoes a post process operation which involves the removal of the centre drainage area by a machine process and is finished by hand

> The manufacture of our Half Height Shower Doors involves sawing, bending and drilling of aluminium extrusions which is then assembled into a frame or support. The frame structure is secured to plastic panels using either adhesives or screws and gaskets. Extensive hand operated poka yoke tooling, used to deliver agile response times on products

> The process of manufacturing GRP Shower Trays uses spray gel, resin and glass chop. A mold is taken and a spray coating of white gel coat is applied and left to cure for half an hour. Next several coats of resin and glass chop is applied and rolled out in the mold. It is then left to cure for several hours

> Thermoform processes to provide Shower Tray options, all backed up with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) trimming capacity to ensure dependability.

At our Bridgnorth factory, we have integrated a variety of streamlined, modern manufacturing processes across the Impey product range to ensure all our products are of unparalleled quality and produced as efficiently as possible. Each Impey product is made with the highest levels of care and attention to detail.

We have invested in a wide variety of advanced manufacturing processes to enable us to deliver market-leading solutions, across a wide range of technologies. All supported with our own design, engineering and continuous improvement teams. These drive the use of new materials, in-house tooling, processes and offerings, whilst ensuring compliance through our own testing facility. 

Whale designs and manufactures low voltage water systems across Healthcare/Adaptations, Marine and Mobile (RV/Caravan). Both  design engineering and manufacturing are in-house allowing Whale to take products from concept and early design through to rapid prototyping and life testing, then on to final assembly and packaging.

Whale's on-site moulding facility is a key tool allowing Whale to produce the majority of their plastic and control the quality of the components being used in all Whale products.

Whale's impressive operations include their 3D rapid prototyping using on-site 3D printers, shower drain test lab onsite for installation and new product testing and a Portable CMM arm on-site for quality assurance and continuous improvement.

All Whale Healthcare products are 100% water tested to ensure reliability and quality every time. All Healthcare products carry UKCA/CE markings and comply with the relevant standers. In addition, all Healthcare pumps and transformers are IP45 rated. Whale are also certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Whale are proud to be Investors in People accredited since 1999 with a diverse, UK based workforce.

Mira are dedicated to UK manufacturing, with sites in Hull and Cheltenham. Across both locations, Mira are continually investing in innovative manufacturing processes to ensure they deliver high quality products, every time.

From Mira's Cheltenham base, every product is tested in four stages: individual components, pre-assembly, air decay leak and a thorough performance test at the end of the line. All Mira products are fully accredited to CE/UKCA.

Mira's supply chains have been designed to meet changes in demand. As a UK manufacturer, Mira aim to change and respond flexibly to any challenges.

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