10 Benefits for Choosing to Install an Impey Wetroom in Your Home

Having sold more than a quarter of a million wetrooms in the UK, we are perfectly placed to highlight the benefits of having a wetroom. We believe the wetroom will revolutionise the daily showering experience and enhance the nation’s lifestyle.

Here are ten good reasons that will dispel any misconceptions about wetrooms and reiterate the advantages of having one in every home:

A more spacious showering area:
Twist, turn, sit, stand. By taking out a bath or shower enclosure and installing a wetroom, the space and room to move is optimised. No more bruised elbows

Watertight guarantee:
250,000 Impey wetrooms have been successfully installed. The revolutionary Impey Waterguard tanking membrane creates an instant heavy-duty, watertight barrier for all their wetrooms and comes with a lifetime watertight guarantee

Added value to your home:
Statistics show that the trend for wetrooms is on the rise as homeowners seek to improve rather than move

Clean & healthy:
The toughened safety glass used in Impey’s wetrooms is treated with Aqua-Shield, a microscopic surface treatment which prevents the build-up of limescale and grime. No need for dirty shower curtains or mouldy mastic. Who enjoys bleaching the bath or shower cubicle anyway?!

Family friendly:
Universally accessible, no hazardous climbing and clambering in and out of a bath or pulling open rickety shower doors...just walk straight in

Maximum choice:
Each wetroom can be tailored to each individual’s wants and needs. A large range of glass screen sizes and styles and various floor formers means that Impey can design a wetroom to suit all situations

Style marries quality:
Whether it’s a simple flat screen, or a more elegant curved screen that is required, the choice available at Impey ensures each wetroom makes a style statement

At a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom refit, Impey’s screens start from £499 and a full wetroom (not including tiles or installation) starts from £1,660

Lather up in luxury:
Wetrooms are not just spacious, good looking, clean and easy to access. Indulge in Impey’s underfloor heating; perfect for keeping a bathroom bone dry and added comfort on those chilly winter mornings!

Fits anywhere in the home:
Impey wetrooms can be installed anywhere in the home, from the attic to under the stairs. Just remove the floorboards so that they fit flush around one of Impey’s floor formers which sits on top of the floor joists and provides the required drainage. Then apply the Waterguard waterproofing, it could not be simpler.

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