How to install a wetroom on a concrete floor using the Aqua-Grade Floor Former

Installing a wetroom on a concrete floor has never been easier using the Aqua-Grade floor former.

We have developed a quick, easy and convenient alternative to creating the perfect gradient for new pour /concrete solid floors. Our latest pioneering design is a no-fuss solution that transforms the installation of a wet room into a simple and efficient process.

Manually forming a gradient by eye can be a time consuming and difficult task, which often discourages professionals from undertaking wet room installations and if not done correctly it can cause insufficient drainage, pooling or water running off in the wrong direction. The Aqua-Grade is an effective tool that provides installers with both the know-how and confidence to fit a wetroom in any environment with ease.

The matrix design is formed of colour coded modular sections that are clicked together and then filled with screed. In just a few easy steps, the foundations of a wetroom floor are in place and because the system is modular it can be configured to suit any space requirement.

Begin the process by placing the yellow, 600mm square starter section into position and marking the location of the feet and waste trap onto the sub-floor. Drill and fit rawl plugs into the feet markings ready for fixing the Aqua-Grade.

Proceed by chasing out the sub-floor to allow for the fitting of the waste trap and pipe work. Once this is in place, simply screw the 600mm centre square into the sub-floor, checking all sides are level before continuing. Click here to view our full installation video

Assemble and fit the remaining colour sections ensuring that each part is level along its length as you go. Once the matrix is fully put together fit the floor drain central dish and protective trap before filling with screed.

Begin to apply the fairly wet mixture making sure that the screed is well packed into the matrix sections. Finally, float over the surface so that the ridges of the Aqua-Grade  are just visible.

The Aqua-Grade design is available in standard sizes, or bespoke options can be provided and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is suitable for tiled and vinyl floors if the appropriate drainage is selected and can be used for other applications where precise drainage gradient needs to be formed such as perimeter of swimming pools.