Impey Sponsoring Gary Clarke: World's Strongest Disabled Man

We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring the West country’s Gary Clarke as he heads to Iceland to compete in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man competition.

We recently pledged £500 to support Gary as he competes in Reykjavik, Iceland, next weekend (October 18/19).

The donation will help the 35-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, cover his hotel and travel expenses.

He said: “In the past I’ve had to rely on myself and the generosity of friends and relatives to cover the cost of competing.

“It’s wonderful to know I’ve got the backing of Impey and the money they have donated will be a huge help.”

Gary, from Chard, competed in last year’s contest where he was the only Brit to compete and came fourth in the world. He was invited back this year by organiser Magnus Ver Magnusson, four-times winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest.

This year he will be hoping to beat his personal best in a programme events which includes a log lift, truck pull and a challenge called the Hercules Hurl – where participants must hold onto two cables with 100kg weights on each end for as long as possible, testing both their strength and grip.

Gary, who trains at the Griffin Strongman Camp at North Perrott under trainer Phil Diamond, said: “I’m determined to go out to Reykjavik and give it my all.

“As long as I beat my records from last year I will be pleased – all you can do is the do the best for yourself and that’s what I’ll do.”

Gary, who uses crutches and experiences difficulties with his balance due to his condition, added: “My disability is just a small part of my life.

“Disability is just a state of mind – I choose not to let it hold me back, and events like this prove you can achieve the things you want to, regardless of any disability.”

We’re delighted to be supporting Gary as he competes in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man competition.