Wetroom Floor Former EasyFit FAQs

Does EasyFit need under boarding? No, the high concentration of glass within the Dec and the rib structure on the underside of the Dec provides unbeatable strength. EasyFit has been successfully tested to beyond 300kg / 47 stone!

Can vinyl be used on EasyFit?
Yes, EasyFit has all the advantages of the previous Impey Dec's and more! Also it's compatible with our new epoxy friendly Waterguard tanking system.


Is EasyFit still 22mm in depth?
Yes, every EasyFit Dec is consistently 22mm around the perimeter.

What is the gradient?
EasyFit has a gradient of 15mm which is 1 in 40, enough to deal with 20 litres per minute.

Can the EasyFit be trimmed?
Yes, as our video demonstrates, EasyFit can be cut anywhere up to the solid surround with a standard handsaw. This makes it the ideal solution for bespoke wetroom projects and awkward spaces

Is it available in different sizes?
Yes, EasyFit is available in 12 different sizes.
800 x 800, 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000, 1200 x 750 , 1200 x 900, 1200 x 1200, 1300 x 800 , 1400 x 900, 1500 x 800, 1500 x 1200, 1700 x 750, 1850 x 900

Why is EasyFit stronger yet lighter?
The unique SMC mix used on EasyFit is stronger but lighter, giving maximum strength yet 21% lighter than the equivalent Level/Aqua-Dec's.

What if there is a joist in the way of the trap?
EasyFit solves the potential installation problem of the drainage point being obstructed by joists within timber floors. A unique, patent protected drainage feature allows the installer to rotate the drain aperture to any position that will avoid the joist, or any other under floor obstruction.

Simply place EasyFit where it will be installed and if the drain aperture interferes with a joist, just rotate the centre section until it is clear and fit the trap. Watch for yourself.

What about waterproofing?
Impey Waterguard waterproofing can be used directly with EasyFit and is our recommended choice guaranteed for lifetime waterproofing. The benefits of the EasyFit Dec and Waterguard is that the surface does not need to be primed, saving up to 2 hours on standard wetroom waterproofing times usually associated with paint on systems.

What type of flooring can the EasyFit be used on?
Any type of flooring (wood, concrete or floating floors). The rib structure on the underside allows it to be set easily into concrete, creating a stronger key to hold the Dec in place.

Is the installation time for EasyFit the same as the previous Aqua-Dec?
EasyFit provides all the extras which make a big difference to installation time, such as a rotating drain, no need for underboarding, a pre-keyed surface, screwlines and pre-drilled holes. Whilst being lighter and easier for installers to carry up the stairs!

Can you use pumped waste?
Yes pumped waste is an option; we have designed a very shallow pumped waste floor gully to compliment the EasyFit. However, only self-priming pumps that are capable of sucking water can be used. This rules out the macerator style that require a gravity waste from the trap to the pump.

Important note
It's well worth investigating the maximum flow rate of the waste pump, if this is lower than the delivery flow rate of the shower you will experience flooding.

Is the floor drain cleanable from the top?
All of the floors drains we sell are top accessible, this means they can be cleaned from the top without removing the entire drain. This is achieved by the removal of the grating or cover for allowing easy access to the sump of the trap for cleaning.

Is the EasyFit fully recyclable?
Yes, the material used on EasyFit is fully recyclable.

Please see our EasyFit product page for more information.