Linear Designer Drain Tops: Design Without Boundaries

Capturing the essence of the environment and steering away from standard repetitive designs was key. Clare and her design team took influence from the different path water takes; how it falls in its own unique way every time.

Freehand designs

 “Impey is renowned for leading the way in innovation, so we aspired to bring impressive designs to the market. We decided at an early stage to approach this project from graphical perspective to begin with, rather than an engineer angle which was a refreshing direction. By putting pen to paper offered complete freedom to design without restrictions. We were able to be entirely inventive in creating original styles and organic patterns. The ultimate enjoyment for every designer.”

The four designer drain tops each represent a unique look and bring a certain characteristic to the space.

Harmonising look and function

All designs had to look sleek and sophisticated without jeopardising the functionality on the Aqua-Dec Linear floor former and its drainage. Impey’s in-house testing department checked the drain top designs had enough stainless steel to allow the right amount of water without compromising it aesthetically.

“Working in unison with our manufacturer, based in Bridport, meant we could visit them to discuss options with the patterns we wanted to implement as well as see first-hand their laser-cutting capabilities which influenced the options. Having them practically on our doorstep allowed for a strong relationship and ensured the best outcome with each design.”

All drain top designs have been crafted to work at both 600mm and 800mm drain which is available in the Aqua-Dec Linear range without compromising the style or design. As these drain tops were purposely not a repetitive stamp design, the design had to be intricately calculated to work in the two sizes.


Marrakesh - Traditional patterns and prints

Connect - Intertwined with non-repetitive sections

Morse - Architectural and structured design

Echo - Non-uniform, flow of the water, fluidity

What’s next…  

“I can’t say too much at the moment, but we have an exciting new venture which we are planning to roll out later on this year, so watch this space!”

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Clare Cranston

Design & Development Manager


Aqua-Dec Linear range: Aqua-Dec Linear 2Aqua-Dec Linear 3Aqua-Dec Linear 4