Residential Bathroom Adaptations – McGonigles

The number of homeowners and property developers requesting accessible shower rooms is on the rise. The flexibility and practicality of an adapted bathroom coupled with the recent surge in popularity of residential wetrooms means that an accessible bathroom can be a vital addition to many homes.

Terry McGonigle from McGonigle Plumbing & Heating Services in Strabane has been involved in the bathroom installation market for 30 years and specialises in the installation of accessible showering solutions.

With first-hand experience of the importance of accessible wetrooms and the value of adequate showering facilities for those who are unable to utilise a traditional bathroom, Terry took some time to discuss his view of the bathroom adaptations sector and how he is able to offer all of his customers the best possible wetroom conversions.

1) Have you noticed an increase in demand for residential bathroom adaptations?

Yes; it’s rising all the time. We work on grant aided conversions as well as private, self- funded bathroom adaptations and the demand for modern, accessible wetrooms is higher than ever.

2) How do customers want their accessible bathrooms to look?

All of our customers aspire to a modern bathroom. We utilise our experience of accessible showering installations to create contemporary wetrooms, which offer all the necessary practical functions for our customers without appearing ‘institutional’.