What is wetroom tanking?

‘Tanking’ is another name for the waterproofing required to turn an ordinary room into a wet room.

One of the key functions of a wetroom is to keep water and humidity within the space intended for it. Failing to adequately waterproof that space could result in all sorts of problems, with nothing to stop water getting behind the surface finishes and into the walls and floor.

The freedom that a wetroom offers in terms of usable space means a greater portion of it - known as the Wet Zone - must be waterproofed (or tanked). The difference in experience over a standard bathroom is worth the effort, however!

The whole floor is considered a Wet Zone and therefore must be waterproofed in its entirety. When it comes to the walls, the Wet Zone extends a minimum of 600mm beyond the showering area. Anything beyond that is optional, depending on the design of the room, the construction of the wall.

Wetroom waterproofing usually comes in kit form, with enough material to cover a certain area of wall or floor. It’s important to purchase the right kit for the size of the room, rather than basing a decision on price. Thinking you’ve got a bargain, only to find there’s not enough material to waterproof the space earmarked as the wetroom, will only lead to greater cost in the long term.

Options for waterproofing include modern self-adhesive waterproof membranes or more time consuming paint-on systems. It’s important to choose a solution that is suitable for both floor and walls.

A self-sealing membrane with pre-made corners, which requires no curing time, and can safely support heavy tiles, will provide an effective and efficient waterproofing solution.

Always look for a tanking system that offers a lifetime guarantee.