Why have a wetroom?

According to the National Association of Estate Agents, a wetroom is now much coveted by house buyers, and the trend to upgrade bathrooms in the residential market shows no signs of abating. Wetrooms can be installed in old properties, or new builds, even multi-storey apartment towers with unbreachable floors.

Adding a wetroom can enhance the value of an existing property, or increase the sales/m2 of a new build. For developers, particularly of luxury properties (either new or renovated), installing a wetroom has almost become de rigeur in order to appeal to an international high-net worth client base.

Wetrooms are not restricted solely to the residential market but can be found increasingly in the hotel and leisure industry where wellness and wellbeing are key drivers of spa design and provide an additional revenue stream.

Increasingly wetrooms are becoming an integral part of the “corporate gym” in high-end commercial locations. The use of modesty glass panels can address the necessary privacy concerns.

For the Health & Care sector, wetrooms provide easy access and a less intimidating shower environment for patients with impaired mobility. Grip handles, shower seats and foot rests, even such accessories as half-height shower curtain doors provide added safety, and comfort. For hospital and care staff the wetroom is easier and quicker to clean than a conventional shower cubicle – bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to disinfect. The build up of mould/mildew is thus avoided.

Wetrooms can offer bespoke shower solutions even in non-conventional applications – for example in agricultural/equine facilities where it may be necessary for employees to “hose down” after being out on the fields.

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