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Adaptations at Home

For people living with disabilities, adaptations around the home can help to make everyday tasks safer and easier. Transforming a more traditional bathroom or shower room into a wetroom, for example, can create a more accessible space that’s free from steps and fitted with the necessary mobility aids to provide an increased level of independence.

A wetroom offers full level-access, making it an ideal choice for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. The shower area is slightly sloped by the use of a Level-Dec EasyFit wetroom floor former to ensure water flows efficiently to the drain, and there’s no need to worry about overflowing sinks or excess splashes since the entire room is water-tight.

Wetrooms are also easier to clean and maintain than traditional bathrooms, and they provide a high level of design flexibility - just because your shower room needs to be accessible doesn’t mean it can’t also look beautiful.

If you or someone you live with is elderly, disabled or has a long-term health condition, funding may be available to help pay for the refurbishment work to create an accessible wet room. You have the right to an assessment by your local authority, so contact your council for more information. The financial help provided will depend on your situation, as well as whether the adaptations are considered major or minor. You may also be able to apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant, which can be used to cover bigger expenses.

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Here at Impey, we’re experts and market leaders in wetroom manufacturing. We work directly with Royal Society of Occupational Therapists Specialist Housing Section, carers and homeowners to help ensure the completed wetroom meets the unique needs of each user, and we offer a wide range of wetroom systems that can be quickly and easily fitted to all shapes and sizes of a shower room. Projects can range from full-scale bathroom remodelling to the simple addition of a bath-replacement tray, shower seating or grab rails.

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As experts in healthcare showering, Impey’s accessible wetroom products come with robust guarantees and technical back-up, and we can provide an on-site survey to establish a best-fit solution for your property, helping to ensure fast and effective completion of your adapted showering area.

To find out more about adapting your home and creating accessible bathrooms and shower rooms, please download one of our brochures or contact us on 01460 256080.

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