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New Build Wetroom Specification

Wetrooms are an ideal choice for a showering area in any sector - and they are especially great for new builds, where work is starting from the ground up, and you don’t have to worry about completely clearing a bathroom to install the or waterproof tanking system.

Whether your new build project is a hospital, a home, a school, a care home or commercial building, there are plenty of reasons to choose a wet room over a traditional bathroom with a shower tray. One of the main benefits is that, once the waterproofing is installed, you don’t need to worry about it again and you can enjoy complete design freedom.

Create a spa-like ambience with modern lines and high-end fittings. The step-free shower access is perfect for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility, and you can choose from a variety of stylish components to ensure the finished room is both inclusive and a joy to use - remember, accessibility doesn’t have to mean an “institutionalised” appearance.

While wetrooms are considered the ultimate in showering luxury, that doesn’t have to mean they’re a costly option. In fact, if a new build property is designed with wetrooms from an early stage, it shouldn’t be any more expensive than a traditional bathroom - but the desirability, perceived value and functionality of the finished room will be dramatically increased. End-users may also save money over the long-term since wetrooms are easier to clean and maintain.

As experts in wetroom design, Impey Showers works closely with architects, specifiers, housebuilders and developers to provide wet room options with a modern aesthetic, and which blend seamlessly with any property to increase the appeal and flexibility of the bathroom spaces.

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