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When designing shower and changing areas for the educational sector, there are plenty of challenges to consider. The spaces need to be durable, suitable for a range of users, inclusive, accessible and, crucially, provide privacy. Wetrooms are an excellent choice for educational environments because they allow a high degree of design flexibility, so you can ensure every one of these requirements is satisfied.

Shower and changing rooms in modern schools and universities are much different than many of us remember. Gone are the days of communal banks of showers and open-plan changing areas. These days, students, parents, teachers and school administrators are much more aware of the issues surrounding privacy. Pupils are increasingly unwilling to shower and change without a high degree of privacy, and the most popular solution is to create individual showering cubicles.

Wetrooms are an ideal choice for the educational sector because, once installed, the entire room should be completely waterproof. Slightly sloped floors will ensure that water drains efficiently from the room, so there’s no need to worry about splashes, drips or puddling. Once the underlying tanking and waterproofing is complete, the room can be fitted out with everything from non-slip flooring and underfloor heating to cubicle walls, showers and lockers. Wetrooms are also easy to maintain and keep clean, so you can ensure a more hygienic environment for users.

One of the main benefits of wetroom design is that it provides step-free access to the showers and opens up spaces to be wheelchair accessible. Depending on the anticipated need, most mainstream education facilities need to provide at least two wheelchair-accessible changing rooms (one male and one female). These should be spacious enough to accommodate the wheelchair user and a helper and include appropriate fittings, such as a bench, toilet, showering and grooming facilities.

Here at Impey, our extensive range of wetroom formers, waterproofing solutions, shower panels and accessories can help you create high-quality, attractive and functional shower rooms for educational environments.

As experts in wetroom design, Impey is leading the way in terms of innovation and wetroom technology. Our pioneering showering solutions enable you to design and specify attractive, safe and adaptable showering environments to suit the varying needs of your education spaces, from new build to refurbishment. We’ve worked on more than 250,000 wetroom projects across the UK, and our reliable components are backed with a lifetime guarantee for your additional peace of mind.

To learn more about specifying wetrooms for education spaces, please download our wetroom specification white paper 

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