Vinyl Slim+ Gravity Wetroom Waste


Slim+ gravity drainage for use with Level-Dec EasyFit and Level-Grade when space under the floor is restricted and our standard waste is not appropriate. With a horizontal outlet, a choice of alternative grates are also available.

  • Slim+ Drain is the most compact gravity waste on the market at just 40mm depth, and the reduced length means easier installation
  • Bi-injected pre-assembled seal ensures the drain is 100% leak-proof as the reduced individual components ensures no movement
  • New Smart Membrane Technology has been developed to prevents odours, no back-siphoning, eliminates noises in the pipes, creates natural ventilation within the pipes, easy to remove and clean. This technology can also be retro-fitted to existing models
  • New hair trap can be easily removed without removing the membrane for extra efficiency and making it easy to clean.
  • Flow rate; 32 l/min at a 15mm head of water (depending on the top used).

Vinyl Slim+ Gravity Wetroom Waste


Product Range: Healthcare

Item Warranty: Lifetime