Wetroom Configurator Tool

Quickly create wetroom specification for your wetroom or shower room project.  Click to get started

The 'Wetroom Configurator Tool' allows architects and specifiers to easily create shower space nbs specifications online.  Specifications can be saved to a Project where product related documents can be stored and retrieved.


  • Create and save wetroom nbs specifications to a project folder.
  • Related product documentation will automatically be stored in your project folder.
  • BIM / NBS / CAD and other product documents files will also be added to the folder for you to access.
  • Specification and related product documentation can be instantly accessed, emailed or downloaded.
  • Specifications can be re-used for other projects.


  • Saves time and significantly cuts down research time
  • Takes away the majority of the decision-making process when designing
  • No prior knowledge of product required as the tool will guide you to the best product for the requirement (building type, amenities and shower area)
  • Provide product recommendations based on building type, amenities and shower area
  • Ensures designs conform to building regulations
  • Specifications can be saved into a project file within a secure user area for future access
  • Specifications can be reused on other projects
  • Project files can contain multiple room specifications
  • For each project, specification and product documentation files such as datasheets, NBS, CAD, BIM will be instantly accessible and downloadable
  • Specifications can be carried directly onto building control submissions