Wetroom Floor Formers

Wetroom floor formers act as floorboard replacements with a pre-formed gradient to a square or linear drainage point which allows for the creation of a level access showering space. Achieving the correct gradient for your wet room floor is essential for efficient drainage and Impey's unique and innovative wetroom floor former technology makes it easy to install. The wet room former has built in gradients to directly channel the falling water into the drain. With four types of floor former to choose from, including Aqua-Dec EasyFit, the linear range of floor formers and Aqua-Grade, you can achieve a perfect result in any situation. Aqua-Dec EasyFit® wetroom floor formers are the strongest and most rigid on the market. They are able to bear up to 47 stone with no extra support - yet lightweight and portable, which enables installation to be faster. All our floor formers and drains are compatible with mixer and power showers.