Clean, uncluttered and spacious, the showering area becomes the stunning focal point of a wetroom when placed on a large Impey Linear dec. Create an open plan aspect with the new 1400mm x 900mm Linear floor former, you add a luxurious feel to the shower space, whilst ensuring practicality is at the heart of the design.

Linear Tiled Insert Drain

The epitome of traditional elegance, blend curves and clean, bright neutrals with chrome deco-inspired fittings, fixtures and accessories. Maximise natural light using white tiles, large mirrors and light coloured flooring. Enhance the impact of your expansive linear wetroom floor using a ‘barely there’ tiled insert.

Deco Sanctuary wetroom

In the pursuit of a modern, spacious showering area, look no further than a contemporary, linear wetroom.

Aqua-Dec Linear 4

Elevate your showering experience by creating your very own shower sanctuary. This new Aqua-Dec Linear 4 with the drain along the width, means you can broaden your bathroom design horizons by opting for this large, linear wetroom dec.

Geesa Accessories

Chrome Opal range of accessories from Geesa for timeless elegance