Eclectic Loft

A wetroom offers the ideal showering solution for even the most unusual spaces including loft and attic conversions. Make the most of the available floor area and utilise previously inaccessible spaces by converting those unused areas into the ultimate wetroom installation.

Colour Palette
Aqua-Dec EasyFit

The Aqua-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Floor Former is an extremely strong 22mm thick GRP floorboard replacement with 4 pre-formed drainage gradients to provide a level access wetroom floor suitable for tiling.

Frame Shelf with Towel Holder and Basket

This shelf with shower basket and towel rail is a real eye-catcher, with its shape and form, breaking through the flat surface. Slots mean this item boasts elements of character as well as being a smart storage solution.

Sealskin Duka Pura 5000

The innovative and uncompromising design reflects the essence of Sealskin Duka by meeting the highest standards in quality, design and construction. There are neither screws nor profiles or shower door support bars inside the Pura 5000 shower enclosures - only smoothness and continuity.

Coming soon...

Tiled Pumped Wetroom Drain - Grid Drain Top

Pumped solution for use with Aqua-Dec EasyFit when gravity drainage is not possible. With a horizontal outlet, a choice of alternative grates are also available. Whether down in a basement, or up in a loft conversion the options for a wetroom installation are more attainable now than ever before.